Voluntary Surrender

Voluntary Surrender. Do you want To be debt free and start over?

Struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel EVERY month? Finances crippling your entitlement to live a carefree lifestyle? It is a known fact that debt destroys marriages, families as well as demoralizes the individual or the household under pressure. Voluntary Surrender is for individuals who have tried other financial solutions and are still struggling to meet their monthly debt repayments. 

Voluntary Surrender

Voluntary Surrender is not debt review, debt counseling, consolidation loan or debt management!

We have fully trained professionals. Who will ensure you are well informed of the process and the focus is on assisting in writing off about 60% of your debt. This method allows you to pay off the remaining 40% on a 19 month payment plan. Thus Creditors only receive a percentage of the debt and the rest is legally written off. 

The process is affordable, all fees advised upfront so there are no bombshells ahead. Most importantly the entire process from beginning to end is transparent, no hidden agendas or unknown factors. We work through an exclusive panel of Advocates and Attorneys countrywide, the application is handled on your behalf. This process is a High Court Application where the debtor applies for voluntary sequestration. 

What is Voluntary Surrender or Voluntary Sequestration?

A cost-effect process for an application to the High court to legally write off your debt, with the support of a legal team specially designed for each individual case. Let us help achieve financial independence today! 


  • Stop paying your debt with immediate effect 
  • Legally write off your debt 
  • Be legally protected from creditors and Stop Legal action 
  • Payment plan well within your means – Affordable 
  • Employers are not informed of the process, only creditors 
  • None of your furniture or assets sold to pay creditors 
  • No mounting interest or service fees 


  • No credit facilities allowed during the Voluntary Surrender of your Debt process 
  • No Overdraft or credit card facilities

Brief explanation of the process:

  • The fee is used to cover all Administration Costs, take on fee for Attorney and to cover remuneration to Marketing Channels. –
  • Our Attorney will draft the official High Court Application and it will be presented by an Advocate in the High Court.
  • The total amount payable to the Curator will be paid over 19 months installments based on your assessment (this amount must be paid without any defaults or the application might be cancelled).
  • Once a notification is placed in the Government Gazette, no creditors have any claim against you anymore and your whole income belongs to you. It is advisable to immediately stop paying any creditors.
  • If you have any Debit Orders for debt (YOUR CREDITORS) being deducted from your current bank account, open a new bank account with a bank that you don’t owe any money to, to receive your salary into. We must make sure that no one can get hold of your money.

Take Note of the following:

  • Your debit order for the Curator’s fee will only start once Administration fee is paid up
  • Only once the full Application Fees are paid, will the attorney start preparing information and documents necessary to draft your court application.
  • The official court application will only be drafted after the 1st debit order was deducted successfully. The drafting of the official court application can take 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Once the official court application is ready, it will be e-mailed to you for signature. You will have to return the original documents to the Attorney’s office and once they received it they will place an advertisement in the Government Gazette with the court date.

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