Cellphone Contracts for Bad Credit

Cellphone contracts for bad credit clients country wide, no matter were you are in South Africa. Have you been declined for a cellphone contract due to you being blacklisted or your credit score is too low? Well we can help you get the latest smartphone on contract today. Looking for an Iphone, Samsung, Huawei smartphone then we have the solution for you. Simply complete our easy online cellphone application form below tell us which phone you want and we will let you instantly via email how we can help you.

Bad Credit cellphone contract application

All you need to qualify:

You must be 18 years or older

Have a South African green bar-coded ID

Earn a minimum Basic salary of R 3000.00 per month

Have a bank account which a debit order can deducted for your monthly cellphone contract installment

Why apply for cellphone contracts for bad credit with us?

Great service, answer same day
Various packages to suite your pocket
24 Month contracts with option to upgrade
Keep your current cell number.

Cellphone Contracts for Bad Credit
SamsungS22 cellphone contract for bad credit

Applying for a cellphone contract for bad credit could be very frustrating.

Did you know that more than 80% of South Africans get declined each year for a cellphone contract. Due to having bad credit or being blacklisted. But just because you are blacklisted does not mean you cannot enjoy having that new iPhone or Samsung smartphone. We at ATARA Finance will put you in touch with companies that can help you get a new Cellphone Contract and have all the benefits that a contract through Vodacom, Cell C, MTN or Telkom Mobile can offer. Complete our easy online application form and a consultant will call you back.

What Creates a Bad Credit Score?

Wondering why your credit score is so low, there may be a couple factors in having a bad credit history.

No credit score

As a young person starting out you don’t have any credit, reason why you don’t have a credit score yet. Not having a credit score does not mean that your score is at a 0, but that you don’ have a credit score at all. Also, having no credit score is ultimately better than having bad credit, as it is easier to build credit from a clean slate.

Account history

How you pay your monthly accounts has a big impact on your credit score. Forgetting or not paying your accounts each month will lower your score and show other creditors that you unable to pay your monthly commitments. That said getting a cellphone contract for bad credit clients through us can help you improve your score, just make sure you pay your account on time each month and in no time you will see your score improve.

Amount of credit you owe

Its not just late payments that effect your credit rating, the amount of money that you owe can influence your score too. A good way to improve your score is to lower the amount of debt you have. Even paying a little extra toward your outstanding debt each month can help improve your credit rating. This all said we can still help you get a Cellphone contracts for bad credit even though you blacklisted, just keep the above in mind when you want to improve your credit record.

Some of our Cellphone Contracts for Bad Credit

Samsung from R199pm

Samsung smartphone

Iphone from R 299pm

Iphone smartphone

Huawei from R 199pm

Huawei smartphone
Oppo from R 199pm
Oppo Smartphone
Sony from R 199pm
Sony smartphone
Vivo from R 199pm
Vivo smartphone
Xiaomi from R 199pm
Xiaomi smartphone
Honor from R 199pm
Honor smartphone
HTC from R199pm
HTC smartphone
Ulefone from R 99pm
ulefone smartphone
ZTE from R 199pm
zte smartphone
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