Payday Loans or Payday Advance

Pay Day Loans up to R 8000.00. Instant approval. Get your Payday advance from ATARA Finance today. Payout same day. Low interest rates. We assists clients with bad credit payday loans too. Need instant cash for emergencies then you have come to the right place.

payday loans for bad credit

What is Payday Loan?

A Pay day Loans is an instant short term loan that you pay back once you receive your salary at month end. In need of extra cash for unforeseen expenses before month end but don’t want to get tied down to a long term loan then a payday advance is a quick alternative. Our loans range from R 500.00 to R 8000.00. At ATARA Finance we offer Payday Loans with very competitive interest rates, paperless application and someday payout.

Why can I get a payday loans if I am blacklisted?

Pay day loans are considered as low risk. Reason why the qualifying criteria is lower than a long term loan. Often these types of loans are approved without credit checks.

Online payday loans for blacklisted clients.

Apply online for instant outcome from the confort of your home or office. No need to go into a branch and complete complicated application form.

Are personal loans a better option when I need money?

It will all depend on your needs. I you need a quick solution then  a payday loans will work. But to use a payday loan for debt repayments is not a very good option. Personal loans have lower interest rates and repayment periods are longer. Don’t fall into the payday loan trap of having to reborrow the loan each and every month and it will prove costly.

Can a pay day loan help improve my credit score?

Yes by paying the loan back on the date that it is due will help improve your credit score. Just don’t keep taking a payday loan every month as this will have a negative impact. Just use it as an emergency solution.

Qualifying Criteria for Payday Loan

Client must be 18 yrs or older
Be employed for a minimum period of 3 months
Have a bank account that a debit order can be deducted from
Pay slip as proof of Income

Looking for a long term loan?

Not interested in a short term loan. Looking for a longer term loan. See our options below.

Long term loan

Long term bad credit loan

Consolidation loan for clients with bad credit history


Why does my credit score affect me getting a loan or finance?

Loan providers use your credit rating as a measuring tool  to see if you are credit worthy. But depending on the credit provider they will take certain data into consideration and other would use less data. Reason why we can help clients with bad credit history to get a loan. It is advisable to always pay your accounts on time each month and keep a healthy credit rating. This would also safe you in the long term as you will qualify for better interest rates when applying for loan and finance.

How can I see my credit score?

Need to see you credit score free simply the page below to receive your free credit report today and start working on getting your score up. Track your score every month to see if it improves. You also have the right to query incorrect listing with the credit bureau’s. Remember that there is more than one credit bureau, so make sure you check will all of them as not all loan or credit providers use the same one.

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