4-In-1 Life Insurance + Funeral Benefit

We know that providing for loved ones who depend on you is your main priority. This is why we over you comprehensive 4-in-1 life insurance cover for you and your extended family.

Standard with our life insurance policy you are able to cover spouses, siblings, in-laws, nephews, nieces, cousins and other member of their extended family. No you don’t need to take separate life policies, get one policy thus helping you save cost and less admin.

Your life insurance policy makes sure that if the worst happens your loved one are taken care of.

R 500 000 Life cover from only R 130.00 pm

Policy Benefits

Comprehensive Life Insurance
Our Life policy will pay a lump sum cover amount to the nominated beneficiaries on proof of death due to illness or accidental death. The cover available under this benefit will grow by 5% each year.
Accelerated Funeral Cover
We offer an accelerated funeral benefit, and upon receipt of the required claim information payment is made within 48 hours. This accelerated benefit amount is set at 10% of the total available life cover (maximum of R50,000) and is designed to assist with funeral related expenses.
Terminal Illness Accelerator
If the main life is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is likely to die within a year, they may exercise the option to immediately claim 50% or 100% of the life cover amount, subject to a specialist confirming the prognosis.
Funeral Cover For Family Members
Your spouse and up to 8 of your biological, adopted or step children, 4 parents and 8 wider family can also be covered as additional insured lives by the policy. Each additional family member added however will affect your premium amount paid.

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