Medical Insurance

We offer both comprehensive day-to-day and private hospital benefits at extremely affordable prices. Get affordable medical insurance for you and your family, benefits including Unlimited Doctor Visits, Family Funeral Benefit, Acute & Chronic Medication Covered, Basic Dentistry, Optometry & much more. Know more….

4-In-1 Life Insurance + Funeral Benefit

We know that providing for loved ones who depend on you is your main priority. This is why we over you comprehensive 4-in-1 life insurance cover for you and your extended family. Know more….

Business Loans

We now offer business loans as well. Click here to find out more.

Personal Loans Up To R 300,000.00

Looking for a personal loan, bad credit loan, pay day loan or consolidation loan? Then you have come to the right place at ATARA 365 you can apply for any type of unsecured loan to buy furniture, electronics, a car and more from the comfort of your home or office.

Our service is 100% Free, we will not charge you any fees to process loan applications.

For more info on our loan services CLICK HERE

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Need Help With Your Debt

Have You been struggling to pay your debt or stopped paying your debt. Have a look at our options we have to help you get out of debt.

Voluntary Surrender: We help you clear all your debt at a fraction of the cost and you can start over in two years, you can apply even if you under debt review. Read More….

Debt Mediation: We assist in negotiating better repayments with your creditors on your behalf. Read More….

Debt Counseling: Reduce your monthly debt repayments by up to 50% and only pay one installment towards all your debt. Plus be legally covered. Read More….

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Other Services

At ATARA 365 we also offer Cellphone Contracts for bad credit client, Vehicle finance for blacklisted client, Home Loans… Click Here

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