Sequestration Voluntary Surrender

Struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel EVERY month? Finances, crippling your entitlement to live a carefree lifestyle?
It is a known fact that debt destroys marriages, families as well as demoralizes the individual or the household under pressure.
Voluntary Surrender is for individuals who have tried other financial solutions and are still struggling to meet their monthly debt repayments.
We have fully trained professionals. Who will ensure you are well informed of the process and the focus is on assisting in writing off about 60% of your debt. This method allows you to pay off the remaining 40% on a 19 month payment plan. Thus Creditors only receive a percentage of the debt and the rest is legally written off. The process is affordable, all fees advised upfront so there are no bombshells ahead. Most importantly the entire process from beginning to end is transparent, no hidden agendas or unknown factors.
We work through an exclusive panel of Advocates and Attorneys countrywide, the application is handled on your behalf. This process is a High Court Application where the debtor applies for voluntary sequestration.

What type of debts affect your credit score and how?

What type of debts affect your credit score and how?

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STOP paying your debt TODAY!

STOP paying your debt TODAY! Let End Your Debt change your financial situation overnight and help you STOP paying your debt TODAY! The Pros: The Good This process takes approximately 24 -36 months – VERY Affordable payment plan ALL your debt is written off- with an advantage of 22c to every rand that you owe being

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