Bad Credit Loans or Loans For Blacklisted

Bad Credit Loans

ATARA Finance offer a easy and convenient way to apply for Bad Credit Loans online. Blacklisted Loans from R 1000.00 to R 300 000.00. With a high approval rate minimum info required we can help you get a unsecured Bad Credit Loans today and use the money to pay for school fees, appliances, home improvements, pay up outstanding debts, purchase of a vehicle…….. Our service is completely free, we will not charge you a fee to apply through our service. APPLY NOW

What is Bad Credit Loans or Blacklisted Loans?

You might of had credit in the past, either a store card, credit card or personal loan. But due to unforeseen circumstances you fell behind on payments or defaulted completely on your account. When you fall behind or fail to pay up an account the credit providers has the right to list you on the credit bureau as a bad payer, this can prevent you from qualifying for any future credit unless you settle out standing accounts. But at ATARA Finance we can help you get a loan while blacklisted. You can get a bad credit loans or Blacklisted loans of up to R 300 000.00 from us today. bad credit loans

Qualifying Criteria For Bad Credit Loans?

Be employed. Have a bank account from were a debit order can be drawn. 18 yrs and older. Valid SA ID holder.

Bad Credit Loan Options

ATARA Finance offer many loan variants. You can apply for the following bad credit loans, bad credit consolidation loans, blacklisted unsecured loans, bad credit pay day loans, blacklisted short term or long term loans, blacklisted vehicle finance. Apply now for a online loan from R 1000.00 – R 300 000.00.

Please Note

ATARA Finance and its partners will never charge you a fee to apply for a loan or any of our service, we know there are companies out there that do it, but we don’t. Be careful when applying for loans there are many companies out there praying on people in vulnerably situations, always read the fine print. APPLY NOW Get your free credit report today click here
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